About Quick Ad Flyer

Quick Ad was started by an almost 19 year old in May of 1989. What started out as a flyer home delivery business while going to college quickly became a full time copying and delivery service for flyer delivery to real estate agents at their office.

Quick Ad became the top flyer delivery in a field of about 10 and it has dwindled to just 2 in Southern California and only Quick Ad survived the real estate crash of 2008 in Orange County and is the oldest flyer service in Orange County. While the business has changed dramatically, Quick Ad Flyer started to push the full color printing business as quality improved and printing prices began to become much more affordable.

Now with the opportunity to make a niche in the delivery business to home owners and occupants, Quick Ad is putting together great opportunities for their clients to expand their business in an old marketing format with a new twist. With a store in Santa Ana and printing warehouses in Los Angeles, Quick Ad can produce great quality with a quick turnaround. If you need delivery, printing or both, please see our website for information and pricing.