New for 2018 is our expansion that includes delivery to businesses in industrial complexes for Orange County. We will be concentrating in Central Orange County. What company might benefit with this type of advertising? Business landlord, cleaning services, Industrial rack/fixtures, Fork Lift ,insurance agent, sign, industrial scales, copier service, security, industrial door companies, tinting, mobile detailer and the list can go on.

Why use us? We are including only one type of company per delivery so there will be no direct competition for your business.

We are starting the inaugural delivery in early February, 2018 to Santa Ana. Possible expanded coverage could follow in later months. Details would be updated here.

1000 printed in full color, 8.5 x 11" on glossy paper, one sided for $150 includes delivery ($175 for front page). Please call about inserts if you already have your advertisement printed and consist of a bigger layout.

If you are in need of graphic design for the flyer, we can also help you create a great advertising piece to get the attention of business managers and owners.