Q: Home page says that I need to call first before coming to your shop.  Why is that?

A: We are frequently out of the office with clients, picking up printing orders in our LA facilities or getting deliveries done and/or organized so we want to make sure someone is at our store front aka “the shop” so someone can see samples, pick up orders, etc.

Q: Can you do other types of duplications?

A: Sure we do!  Most common would be full color copies for jobs that are normally under 500 in quantity or better price with one sided color copies instead of full color printing. We do black and white copies in bigger quantities.

Q: For delivery to real estate agents, it does not have days of the week when you deliver.  How often does it go out?

A: There is no longer a set schedule on deliveries to each route.  Best is to call and ask when the next real estate office delivery will be going out.  We try to do each route 4 times a year with some going out more frequently.

Q: For delivery to real estate offices, how do the agents receive my flyer?

A: Each office has their own system but normally offices will have file slots for each agent.  Sometimes we will put it on each desk or in some cases, they have a table for affiliates/agents’ flyers.  In those cases, we normally leave a small fraction of the total number of agents in that office.

Q: Once I order printing, how will I receive my job(s)?

A: Pick up will only be at our Santa Ana location.  However, shipping is almost always in option.  On occasion, we will sometimes drop off at your office if we will be in your area.

Q: I do not see my exact quantity, paper type or size.  Can I still get what I need?

A: In most circumstances, yes you can!  We put the most popular choices but we know that you might need an item such as E.D.D.M. size that the post office requires. Just email us at the “Contact Us” page and we will customize a quote for you.

Q: What about bindery of my flyers or mailing my postcards?

A: Yes, we do folding, stapling, book binding and other bindery needs as well as doing mailings through the USPS.  Just email us with your exact job description for an accurate quote.

Q: What if I need my job the same day?

A: Almost all jobs will require to process it by color copy instead of using our printing method. Copying is almost instant while printing takes a much longer process.  The quality of printing will always be the best over copying but color copying has come a long ways from 20 years ago when it became a lot less expensive as an option over other products.

Q: Do you sell and print other items not listed on your website?

A: Of course!  Just email us with your job description so we can give you an accurate, written quote.  Many items are sold through vendors like us as those companies will work with just printers. Many of these companies are in Southern California for quicker turn around time.